Our services focus on making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle for our clients.  This approach delivers the results that our clients want.

Personal Training

Whatever your goals may be, we will develop a custom training plan and work with you individually to help you achieve your goals.  Monthly fitness assessments will take place to track your progress and fine tune your training and nutrition program.

Small Group Training

Our small training groups consist of clients with similar goals who enjoy a motivating and supportive group setting.  Small training groups will receive custom training plans and modifications can easily be made, so the group’s session flows smoothly.

Group Classes

Peak’s group classes focus on metabolic conditioning and improving strength, agility, and balance.  The classes are challenging and fun.  The group setting is full of camaraderie and motivation. It’s the perfect setting for pushing yourself and working toward your goals.  Our group classes are designed for all skill levels.


Peak Fitness offers custom meal plans and nutritional coaching to their clients.  Living a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym is as equally important as the hard work you put in during your training sessions.

Bridal Boot Camp

Peak Fitness will design a custom training and nutrition plan for all Bridal Boot Camp clients.  Every bride wants to look stunning in their dress on their wedding day, so contact us today to learn about getting into the best shape of your life for your big day!

Race Training

Whether you’re preparing for a 5K, GORUCK event, Spartan Race, marathon, or any endurance event, we will design a custom program for you to succeed.

Kids Fitness Class

Our kids fitness classes focus on body weight movements, TRX exercises, and cardiovascular conditioning.  We teach proper exercise form and stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle beginning at a young age.

Sport Specific Training

We offer custom training for young athletes looking to improve their speed, strength, agility, balance, and explosive power.


At Peak Fitness, we focus on making fitness and nutrition a lifestyle for our clients.  Living a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym is equally important as the hard work you put in during your training sessions.


Every client has unlimited potential to achieve their goals.   At Peak Fitness, we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness—or life.  We design custom training plans for each client to help them achieve their goals.  We have successfully helped clients lose body fat, gain lean muscle, prepare for their first Spartan Race, prepare for military school, and stay fit during pregnancy.


If you are looking to optimize your health and achieve your goals, then contact us today.




She believes fitness is a lifestyle.  She designs custom programs to improve her clients’ lives by immersing them into a new way of experiencing fitness and nutrition.  Becca helps her clients go beyond what they once thought were their limits.  She is always there for her clients to motivate them and hold them accountable.

Becca has developed a loyal following because she goes above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals and to help them step outside of their comfort zones. This helps her clients achieve things they once thought were impossible.  Becca’s experiences in obstacle course racing and endurance events have helped her training style evolve over the years and help her clients get in the best shape of their lives.

Whether it’s losing body fat, gaining lean muscle, preparing for boot camp, or training for a Spartan Race, she finds a way to help her clients succeed.


  • University of Virginia – B.A.
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer | CPR/AED Certified | Licensed & Insured
  • 2013 Spartan Race – Ranked in the Top 150 for Elite US Female Racers
  • 2013 Spartan Race World Championship Race – Killington, VT
  • 2014 Spartan Race – Ranked in the Top 150 for Elite US Female Racers
  • 2014 Spartan Race World Championship Race – Killington, VT
  • 2015 GORUCK TOUGH 12+ Hour Endurance Event Finisher
  • Completed over 30 Spartan Races

Lynnette Vargas

Lynnette Vargas believes in a fit lifestyle that allows you to reach your goals while still being able to enjoy life. She will be able to help you eliminate barriers and make decisions that will positively influence your new lifestyle. She defines success according to how you feel and doesn’t like to solely focus on the number on the scale. She has a knack for recognizing people’s capacity and will push you to give your all each time you train with her. As a mom of two she has experience working out before, during and after pregnancy and is eager to assist others who want to safely maintain working out during pregnancy. Over the past two years Lynnette has been programming her own fitness workouts and has gone through a bulking and cutting season. In addition she enjoys running and cycling as her forms of cardio.


● BS in Communication from ODU

● ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

● CPR/AED certified

● Licensed and Insured

● ASYMCA 8K Mud Run – 1st place corporate team 2016

● ASYMCA mud run first place in 2017
● Certified Spin Instructor


Esther Avant specializes in helping women lose fat and become healthier, happier, and more confident by making small and sustainable changes to their day-to-day lives. She grew up in Maine and fell in love with exercise during high school, which led to a 4-year degree in Exercise Science and career in the field. Through Personal Training, she quickly learned that in order for her clients to see success, they needed to be focusing on their nutrition, as well, so she dove head first into Nutrition Certifications. After working with hundreds of clients in Boston, Dallas, San Diego, and Virginia Beach and a recent move to Hawaii, she has taken her coaching online where she aims to empower as many women as possible to take back control of their lives and their happiness.



  • B.S. in Exercise Science from Boston University
  • ACE-certified Personal Trainer since 2006
  • ACE Weight Management Specialist since 2011
  • Precision Nutrition Level 2 Nutrition Coach since 2016
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach since 2014
  • Precision Nutrition Women’s Coaching Cohort Intern 2015
  • TRX Group Suspension Trainer since 2012


He is a US Navy Sailor whose dream is being the  best artist of sculpting the human body. He believes in never backing down and seeing the potential in everyone. Given the opportunity, he would love nothing more than to help you with changing your life forever. Come train with him and experience the first day of the rest of your life.


  • Navy CFL – Command fitness leader
  • Personal trainer with the National Council on strength and fitness
  • CPR/AED certified
  • Licensed and insured


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